About me

I'm Sakara

A 20 year old singer/songwriter, with a passion for representing an alternative (true!) story of life as a disabled person. A story with moments of creativity, community and excitement. I love to read and learn from the world around me as well as sharing my own pieces, writing on topics from the reality of living with chronic illnesses in an ableist world, to blog posts chatting about why I love my 1970’s dresses or 1980’s blazer. 

I hope this site will grow into somewhere I can share other people’s voices as well as my own, a space filled with delicate photography, vintage clothes and -of course- music. Perhaps one day I’ll be sharing details of where to find my album… I’ve got a lot to learn before then, but don’t you know that’s the fun part?

Visit my first post Living On Lost Time for more details on why I started blogging here.

Most of all, enjoy 🙂
– Sakara x