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If you’re looking for an artist bio and description of my work aimed more towards promoters, please click here for my live performance page. If you’re here in any other capacity, read on!

I’m a singer-songwriter performing a set of thoughtful tunes around Cambridge, Saffron Walden and the occasional countryside bookshop. I write to understand myself and soothe the big feelings, talking about disability, love, my friend’s cats, and anything else that drifts through my life. Songwriting was my friend growing up, and now it’s a way to connect with others. Sometimes that’s a scary adjustment to make, but it’s shaping up to be worth it so I’m really glad you’re here. 

I’m most often found on the short-form socials (Instagram & TikTok) but there are a bunch of live recordings on YouTube and some drafts I’ve played around with on Soundcloud. 

My music has been compared to ‘90s indie pop, Suzanne Vega, and early Mitski. If you use Spotify and fancy a full list of comparisons, I made this playlist because I’m always fascinated by who I remind people of! Want to tell me who you think I sound like? My Instagram comment section is always open, or you could drop me an email and I’ll keep the playlist going! 

What else can I say?

I wrote this page assuming people would come here from social media, or through already knowing me in some way. However, I’ve developed a habit of handing out business cards which link here, so this really could be one of your first conversations with me. And since we’ve already sent the promotors/official music-people off to the more concise selling-myself page, we can have a bit of a chat.

Firstly, you absolutely need to know how happy those business cards make me, I used to draw fake ones out on paper as a child, and collect real ones wherever I went (from my mum’s mechanic, to a holiday fish and chip shop). So passing on my own still makes my day…

Photo of sakara wearing a black top standing in front of some sunflowers.

Musically, I’m planning to release my first proper* single in spring 2024 (somebody hold me to it), if you’re looking for a support act I’m looking for more gigs, and if you enjoy what you hear here please tell me, because it’ll help that single to happen! (For anyone unfamiliar with making music, releasing something officially for the first time involves a lot of learning and convincing yourself life is worth living, or that could just be me…). But setting the future aside for a moment, this summer (2023 as I’m writing here) was one that held the most connections I’ve ever had to my local music scene and the world beyond. I played Strawberry Fair and Cambridge Pride’s art tent, spent a week songwriting with other under-25s at London’s Roundhouse and went into the colder season with the excitement of playing at Cambridge Folk Club, accompanied by my friend Ellie Beare on Cello for the first time. I often feel isolated in my music, which is the last thing I ever wanted, so these moments and people are beyond special to me.

Outside of music, I’m sludging through the day-to-day of chronic illness, being my emotional self (read; regularly bawling my eyes out at TV shows, songs or nice comments on the internet), listening to entire Muna and Grace Petrie albums in the morning before I can drag myself out of bed (everything hurts, music replaces some of the sensations). And if I’m done with that, I’ll be doting on the cats and rabbits, researching the origin or some intriguing turn of phrase, or quite possibly working my day job as a content assistant for Inkfire Studio

I get called a magpie of sorts, so you’ll notice me photographing, blogging or styling an outfit in my garden if you stick around. (The above gallery features a few photos I’ve taken at gigs beyond my own) But there’s always something in music that brings everything together for me, and I can’t wait to share more of that with you. It’s a chance to be one of the many voices being honest about the quirks of this life we’re in, and perhaps having the honour of reminding a few people we’re less alone than we think. The way so many musicians and artists have done for me.

Bye for now (go stalk my Instagram, I spend too long on it!)

-Sakara 🌻 

*yes, people who are asking about Spotify, this one’s for you!

more on soundcloud

I post the occasional draft on Soundcloud for fun, they might disappear when I’ve pulled something more professional together, but for now they’re yours <3

... And Youtube

I’m often adding live clips to my channel with the odd home-recording thrown in.