Learning from what I’ve already written


Sakara sits in her wheelchair wearing colourful clothes

What is Accessible Fashion to Me?

What is accessible or adaptive fashion?It’s clothing specifically designed for disabled people with limited mobility, it’s underwear with side fastenings, […]

Snapshots: Sanity in Septemper

As half of Instagram reposts back garden bikini shots and the other half start throwing pumpkins and redefining “rainbow” as […]

4 Recommendations: July ’20

Welcome to my final monthly summary of things I’ve been reading, listening to or discovering. I’ll talk more about why […]

Photo taken in a mirror of a thoughtful looking white girl wearing pyjamas.

Quiet Evenings with My Music

Someday, I’ll look into why my digital camera comes up with little faults/coloured dots on photographs when I turn up […]

shadow of a hand on a wall in sunset light. Warm tones. A shadow of a butterfly is also visible.

5 Recommendations: June ’20

Welcome to another summary of things I’ve enjoyed recently. I’ve been making a massive effort with listening to music this […]

Sakara's head on her pillow, she's cugging a cuddly toy unicorn and looks cosy.

Week With M.E. 2020

May contains awareness weeks and days for multiple chronic illnesses, including M.E and E.D.S. (which I am diagnosed with) and […]

5 Recommendations: May 2020

I’m excited to start sharing monthly summaries of things I’ve been reading or listening to. There might not be a […]

White-skinned legs shown from above, the words "living on lost time" are written in brown on the left thigh. Small flowers cast shadows across the words.

Living On Lost Time

Hello, it’s been a while since I heard the continuous clicking of laptop keys under my fingers. I’m glad to be […]