Upcoming Gigs

Want to know what's happening next? 


I’m currently working on new music and getting in touch with people about future live dates. My last outing was a floor spot at Cambridge Folk Club’s open stage on November 3rd, accompanied by my friend Ellie Beare on cello, which made for a wonderful evening. If you want a reminder of the late summer gigs I did this year, they’re listed below. And if you’re the person who’s going to be booking in my next gig, head to the contact page and send me a nice email.

While I scout out more live events, make a visit to my Instagram or music webpage (featuring listening links). Or, again, send me an email if you’re the person who’s about to add another performance to my list! Thanks for being here, I appreciate the support 🌻

Keep checking back as I have plans to blog about past events, saving the good memories and giving you an idea of what to expect in future…