Upcoming Gigs

Want to know what's happening next? 

2024 is feeling like a big one for my music! With plans to play live in some of my favourite places, and things coming together for recording my first single (which might even coincide with a website reboot…). With all that in mind, I’m excited to announce a slot in Strawberry Fair’s Cambridge Band Competition! I’ll be playing in the FINAL on the 26th of April, for which you can find tickets here.
My next outing is on April 16th, supporting Parliament of Wolves at The Geldart in Cambridge (£5 on the door from 8pm).

A list of my confirmed gigs stretching into the summer can be found below, from support slots to full evenings to open mics I plan to pop into. And if you’re the person who’s going to be booking in my next gig after the 16th & 26th (get tickets!!!!), head to the contact page and send me a nice email. If you want more regular updates on where to find me, I post all the links on Facebook and Instagram.

A list of gigs starting with the 16th and 26th of April that are detailed earlier on this page.

While I add to my upcoming live events, make a visit to my Instagram, Facebook or music webpage (featuring listening links). Or, again, send me an email if you’re the person who’s about to add another performance to my list! Thanks for being here, I appreciate the support 🌻

Keep checking back as I have plans to blog about past events, saving the good memories and giving you an idea of what to expect in future…