Disability & Access Needs

Disability comes up a lot in my songwriting, I’ve been known to perform from my wheelchair and I regularly make jokes about my “brain abandoning me” in conversation. So, what does this mean for you if I’m coming to your pub/festival/back garden? You’re in the right place to find out!

Please note, this page is not made with a specific event in mind, and only covers basics which I’m happy to share with anybody accessing this link. If you’re in conversation with me about an event, project or performance, I will be happy to have a more tailored conversation or share further details where appropriate.

Physical Access:

I always perform sitting down. An ordinary chair is fine for this, preferably with back support. No arm rests if I’m playing guitar! (Am able to bring my own seat if arranged in advance, but most venues have something suitable).

I am a part-time wheelchair user. This means I’m able to walk shorter distances, but regularly use a wheelchair or other mobility aids (Eg. walking stick). I might ask about wheelchair access or nearby parking, wheelchair access to small venues or the stage itself is not essential for me.


Emails and text correspondence are easier for me than phone calls when making arrangements, I can be flexible on this, but having details confirmed in writing is always useful.

In person I sometimes require time to process new surroundings. Though I’m a naturally friendly person, I may seem initially quiet, or seek out a less crowded space before performing. Don’t fret; I’m far more talkative once you give me a microphone!


My conditions make me clinically vulnerable. Post-viral fatigue (like long covid but caused by a different virus) is one part of my illness, so I am understandably conscious of avoiding further severe infections. Outdoor events are ideal for me, when indoors I ask for an appropriate window or door to be left open for ventilation. It’s something I consider for each gig/venue individually, so any questions are welcome.

Finally, I usually bring a friend or PA to gigs who can assist with the above, as well as carrying equipment etc.

Thank you for taking the time to explore this page. Get in touch if you have any enquiries.

(Email: sakaradee@gmail.com )