Some work I'm proud of 🌻

Someone's legs laid with the joints turned the wrong way, the words "I can't access my own work" are written on one thigh in brown, scrawling writing.

“I can’t access my own work” written on my skin using iodine (a supplement I was prescribed at the time).

“I’ve always been here, Where were you?” is a reference to awareness campaigns for one of my illnesses often labelling sufferers as “missing”. I wanted to turn the question around! (Find more details here).

A video of me performing an original song locally.

"I'm right here with you" is written over bold floral drawings,

“I’m right here with you” is cut out and laid over a drawing of flowers, this picture still hangs in my room and feels like an old friend.

A used mask embroidered with the words “immunity is not absolute”, (visit this blog post for more details).

Photo of a power chair user looking at the camera.

(Left to right) A photo of power wheelchair football player Marcus who was featured in this short film, two of the photos featured alongside an Able Zine article about photosensitivity, and lastly the poem I talked about adapting the format of in my application.

clouds photographed through a window.